Emerging Markets: Changing the Game of Mobile Advertising 

The future of advertising is mobile, and the future of mobile is in emerging markets. In this report, we outline three current mobile advertising trends in emerging markets and introduce actionable best practices that advertisers should follow to adjust their advertising plans for emerging market consumers.


Top Trends of 2016

2015 was a transformative year for the mobile marketplace in emerging markets. Global mobile subscriptions grew to 7.2 billion, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi introduced their affordable smartphones in Brazil, and DataWind announced the release of the $15 smartphone in India.

In our white paper, “Top trends for 2016,” we predict the top ten trends of the global technology ecosystem in 2016.

Decoding Emerging Markets

Decoding Emerging Markets

Smartphone adoption around the world has changed the way we all access the Internet, but none have been impacted more than those in emerging markets. 

By 2020, emerging markets will have over 2.5 billion smartphone users, and the demand for Internet access will increase nearly 10X. The future of mobile revenue growth won't come from the United States, it will come from emerging markets—and app developers should take notice.

India: A Growth Opportunity for App Developers

India: A Growth Opportunity for App Developers

By 2017, India will be the second-largest smartphone market behind the United States. With 65% of total Internet traffic driven by mobile, India is truly mobile-first. As more users come online, thanks to smartphones, the first apps they discover and try will be the apps that capture their loyalty.

But like many emerging markets, India has its own unique characteristics. Tactics that lead to success in other markets may not apply in India.

Brazil: An Untapped Mobile Advertising Opportunity

Brazil: An Untapped Mobile Advertising Opportunity

In Brazil, the real opportunity lies in the hands of the emerging middle class and their devices. In this report, we explore, smartphone and Android growth in Brazil, top app usage, and the gab between mobile screen time and ad spend.

Indonesia's Unique Challenge for App Developers

Indonesia's Unique Challenge For Developers

Indonesia is the the third largest smartphone market in the world. The number of smartphone users in Indonesia is on the rise—from 52 million users by the end of 2015 to 103 million in 2018. While this increase in smartphone adoption is exciting for manufacturers, mobile operators, and app developers alike, the country’s mobile landscape is unlike many others in emerging markets. The same tactics that worked for developers in India may not work when expanding to Indonesia.