Reward 3.48 billion consumers in 102 markets

Jana rewards emerging market consumers on behalf of our clients. Consumers take a specific action, such as trying out a service or product, in exchange for receiving airtime. By building these relationships with the world's 'next billion' consumers, we are creating the world's largest consumer database. With the achievement of this vision, Jana has the opportunity to convert advertising dollars into enough airtime to halve the phone bills of one billion targeted consumers. If we can redirect half of the $200 biliion currently spent on advertising in emerging markets directly to consumers, Jana will be able to provide one billion people with the equivalent of a 5 percent raise.

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Why mobile airtime?

With over 5 billion mobile phone subscriptions in emerging markets, no other technology has been adopted as quickly as mobile. Over 85 percent of these emerging market subscribers are on prepaid plans. While many use mobile airtime for calls, data, or SMS, airtime is also used to pay bills or send remittances. As a result, emerging market consumers now view mobile airtime as equivalent to cash.

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