To tackle the challenges associated with driving trials of products and engaging in meaningful dialogues with consumers, Danone Indonesia used Jana Instant Airtime to run a promotion in Carrefour stores across Jakarta. Given Indonesia’s high mobile penetration rate of 93% and prepaid mobile subscription rate of 91%, airtime was a valuable and accessible form of currency for consumers.

Using Jana Instant Airtime, Danone was able to achieve its twin campaign goals of driving sales of multipack Activia and Milkuat yogurts, and encouraging bundled purchases of two or more products.

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The Instant Airtime Experience

When a consumer purchased the Activia and/or Milkuat multipack at one of the designated Carrefour stores, they received a scratch card with a unique code. The customer could either SMS the code or input it using a Facebook application located on the product fan page. After the prepaid phone number and code were verified, consumers would then receive 5,000 rupiah credited directly to their phones. If consumers verified their purchase with Facebook, they had the option to refer friends to the promotion. If three of referrals participated in the promotion, the original customer received an additional 5,000 rupiah in airtime.

Bulan was a Danone customer from Jakarta who took part in the Jana Instant Airtime promotion. She purchased a multipack of Activia from her local Carrefour store, used the Danone Indonesia Facebook page to verify her scratch card code (becoming a fan in the process), and received a mobile airtime top-up. Through Facebook, Bulan invited friends to take part in the promotion. Three Facebook friends took Bulan up on her invitation, and purchased Danone multipacks. Bulan then received additional airtime for her support.

A week after the promotion, Bulan and her friends were asked about their experience with Danone. All responded that they would participate in similar campaigns in the future.

The Impact

With Jana Instant Airtime, Danone was able to connect directly with a key market, identify its most prominent supporters, and build a community of Indonesian consumers.

danone-2After the Danone campaign:

  • A 27% increase in sales of Activia and Milkuat multipacks, an increase that Danone executives described as “unprecedented”.

  • Doubled sales of bundled purchases during the promotion period.

  • 100% of respondents to a follow-up survey reported that they had liked the promotion. 99% expressed interest in participating in future campaigns.

  • 16% of participants were repeat customers – demonstrating a sustained peak in sales and customers returned to buy more Danone products.

  • 100% of scratch cards issued to consumers were redeemed – a rate far exceeding any other campaign run by Danone in Indonesia.