2013 Prediction: 1.3 Billion Windows Users, 1.5 Billion Android Users

Growth of Android:

Of the 41 million smartphones sold worldwide in the second quarter of 2009, Apple devices accounted for 5.3 million, while Android accounted for only 755,000 devices. Three years later, the numbers have reversed; iPhones contributed 28.9 million of the 153 million smartphones sold globally, while 98.5 million ran the Android OS. In spite of all the buzz surrounding the recent launch of the iPhone 5, Android has quietly been taking over the global market for smartphones.

Smartphone Market Share (By OS)

Price Point:

One of the key factors behind Android’s continued growth is its increased sales in emerging markets. About 31% of phones sold in 2011 were smartphones. By 2013, smartphones are expected to account for 54% of all cell phone sales. As prices continue to fall, more consumers in the developing world will make the jump from feature phone to smartphone. However, most will not be looking to spend upwards of $500 on an iPhone. Rather, they will turn to Android phones, with some fully equipped models (camera, 3G/WiFi enabled, touchscreen) costing less than $50 USD. At this price point, Android is poised to capitalize on the influx of new buyers in the smartphone market and build upon its already impressive lead in the industry.

Hero H600 – $48 USD

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