With Election Day now only a week away, there is plenty of buzz about American voter preferences. As recent polls show, American voters are split between Romney and Obama. However, due to relatively little information available on worldwide political opinion, Jana asked: “How would individuals in other countries vote in this upcoming election?” The company leveraged its research platform to learn more about sentiments toward the two United States Presidential candidates in other markets.

Key Findings from the Survey

Data gathered from mobile phone users in nine markets (Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam) revealed several interesting trends in political opinion:

  • 65% of all respondents would vote for Barack Obama and 12% would vote for Mitt Romney
  • Respondents were more than four times as likely to select Obama than Romney as the candidate best suited for international diplomacy and relations with their countries
    • The responses to questions in this category were the strongest indicator of how respondents would vote in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria
  • Obama was perceived to have a better business sense and understanding of economics than Romney
    • Understanding of economics was the strongest indicator of candidate preference in Kenya
  • Trustworthiness was the strongest indicator of candidate preference among all respondents
  • 26% of respondents selected Bill Clinton as their favorite past U.S. leader
    • Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush were also voted in the top three favorable leaders.
  • Romney fared best in Pakistan with 21% of the vote, losing narrowly to Obama by three percentage points

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