With the 2014 World Cup now only a year and a half away, Brazil is on the tip of the tongue for sports fans and reporters alike. With this increased focus comes the opportunity to take a closer look at the South American nation’s burgeoning mobile phone market. Brazil is the sixth largest mobile market in the world, home to over one third of all mobile phone users in Latin America and the Caribbean. What’s more, the market is still growing and becoming more advanced by the day.

Brazil, currently with 55 million devices, ranks fourth globally in number of smartphones, behind the U.S., China, and Japan. This number is expected to reach 75 million in 2013, likely moving the country past Japan and into third place. Much of this expected growth can be attributed to the global boom of Android smartphones. Thanks in large part to the vast array of affordable models, over 50% of all smartphones in Brazil will be Android devices. Globally Android owned around 75% of the smartphone market in Q3 2012.

This explosion of mobile connectivity will have far reaching effects across the Brazilian economy. Mobile commerce, for example, is projected to increase from an estimated $125 million in 2012, to nearly one billion dollars in 2013, possibly even more. We have already seen hints at this type of growth, with ecommerce (both mobile and desktop based) heating up across the developing world on the heels of successful digital shopping holidays from India to Venezuela. Black Friday in Brazil this year saw spending increase 368% over the same day last year.

An increasingly large mobile user base with more disposable income than ever before has created a perfect storm of sorts for brands to reach a consumer base that will attract significant attention over the next 18+ months leading up to, and through, the World Cup. With nearly 260 mobile phone subscriptions, the Brazilian market is too big to ignore.

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Published on December 17, 2012