Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins released her annual report on Internet trends yesterday. As expected, the slide deck contained a wealth of insights into the current state of the global web. It becomes evident from just a few slides that the story behind Internet growth is now firmly based in emerging markets.

Top 10 countries by internet users added from 2008 – 2012

1. China – 282 million
2. India – 88 million
3. Indonesia – 39 million
4. Iran – 35 million
5. Russia – 33 million
6. Nigeria – 31 million
7. Philippines – 28 million
8. Brazil – 27 million
9. Mexico – 19 million
10. USA – 18 million

As you can see from the list above, emerging markets accounted for the vast majority of new Internet users around the world. Of the 902 million new internet users from 2008 – 2012, over 75% came from the developing world.

The driving point behind this trend is mobile web. As it currently stands, 13% of global internet traffic comes from mobile phones. In emerging markets however, this number stands at 17% and is rising fast. That’s 33% more Internet traffic from mobile than the global average. In India and Nigeria, nearly 60% of Internet traffic comes from mobile phones. China is also seeing a similar split, with mobile web recently overtaking desktop internet use, thanks in large part to Internet users in rural parts of the country.

With smartphones and tablets dropping in price seemingly every day, consumers in emerging markets, who could once only afford basic feature phones with limited or no Internet access, can now access the the web through more powerful mobile devices. These devices not only provide users with the vast array of content the Internet has to offer, it also provides brands a channel through which they can reach these previously hard-to-reach consumers.

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