smartphone buyers 2014By the end of 2014, India and China combined will buy over 500 million new smartphones. According to data from the research company Mediacells, cited in The Guardian, the two countries will account for just under half of the 1.3 billion smartphones sold this year. Behind China (283 million) and India (225 million) in terms of sales will be the US (89 million), Brazil (47 million), Indonesia (46 million), and Russia (31 million).

Not all of the smartphones sold this year will go to new users. In developed countries like the US and Germany, nearly half of the smartphones sold will go to existing smartphone users. In emerging markets, however, the majority of new smartphones sold will go to first-time buyers. Of the 283 million and 225 million smartphones sold in China and India, 216 million and 207 million will go to new smartphone users respectively. The other top emerging markets, in terms of smartphone sales, will also see significant growth in terms of new smartphone users: Indonesia (39.8 million), Brazil (38.2 million), and Russia (21.4 million).

smartphone users 2014

This sudden boom in new smartphone users, aided significantly by cheaper mobile data tariffs and smartphone prices that could fall below $20 this year, will give hundreds of millions of consumers access to Internet for the first time. Mobile web usage has increased significantly over the past few years and is already the primary method of Internet access for most emerging market users. An enormous increase in smartphone users will see mobile web usage continue to grow worldwide, reaching nearly 50% of all mobile phone users by the end of the year.

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