In emerging markets, the app store ecosystem is more complicated than Google Play vs Apple App Store. According to a recent Jana survey, many consumers are looking beyond the big players for their download needs.

This is huge news for developers with an eye on emerging markets. In countries such as Indonesia, where third-party app store GetJar is used by nearly one in five of our survey respondents, traditional app marketing is clearly not the only option. These are unique markets in which different approaches are necessary to reach consumers and drive downloads.

In our survey, which was carried out in nine emerging markets from April 4, over 1,650 consumers reported on their app purchasing preferences. Beyond Google Play – which remains the overwhelming favorite in each market surveyed largely due to the ubiquity of Android OS – app stores from Samsung, Amazon, and GetJar are very popular.

“Which app store do you use to download apps for your smartphone?”

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Although Google Play undoubtedly dominates, the open source nature of Android has helped foster a healthy market for third-party app stores such as GetJar and Amazon.

This diverse new app store environment offer a number of benefits for developers and can form an important part of an app marketing and distribution strategy. According to the One Platform Foundation, submitting an app to alternative app stores can increase downloads by more than 200% in reference to Google Play.

The popularity of GetJar is particularly interesting. In our survey, GetJar was the second most popular app store overall [10%], behind Google Play. GetJar demands no upfront costs from developers, and offers a great degree of flexibility in terms of device targeting. Available on Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian, and Windows Mobile platforms, it is perfectly suited to consumer preferences in many emerging markets.

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