The Philippines is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in Southeast Asia. In 2013, smartphone shipments jumped by 75% year-on-year - a huge surge, especially when compared to neighboring markets such as Vietnam [1% growth] and Indonesia [12% growth].

The engine behind this rapid uptake? The emergence of affordable Filipino smartphones; local brands such as Cherry Mobile and MyPhone which are providing low-cost smartphones at feature phone prices.

As smartphone penetration grows, app opportunities will arise. According to a recent Jana survey, Filipino smartphone consumers have a huge appetite for app content. 32% of respondents reported downloading six or more apps per month. 45% reported paying for app installs or in-app purchases each month. App developers that can incorporate a monetization model that suits the Philippines’ market [as demonstrated recently by Spotify] will be well-positioned to take advantage of an exciting opportunity.

Cherry Mobile has enjoyed particular success in targeting and reaching consumers with low-cost smartphones such as the $45 Cherry Mobile Snap. By it’s own estimation, Cherry claims to have 60% of the low-end mobile market in the Philippines.

What brand of mobile phone do you currently own?

In a survey of smartphone preferences among Filipino consumers, Cherry was the third most-owned brand overall, and almost as popular as Samsung. MyPhone was the fifth most popular choice among respondents.

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85% of respondents reported that they would be happy to buy a Filipino phone brand – a level of homegrown market approval higher than even India [home to emerging market super brands Micromax and Karbonn]. This bodes well for improved smartphone penetration as the market pushes upwards from its current 15% base.

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